Artist Statement

"The creative process, from concept to completion, is truly my passion. The experience of completing a project can only be described in one way: it is like turning myself inside out. Exposing my thoughts, beliefs, and emotions for the entire world to see. My creative process is split in half between concept and completion. The journey of how I get from one to the other is the “Magical Experience” for me as an artist in this medium. Guided only by my wild internal eye that when opened sees the world from inside out. Allowing me to articulate my thoughts, moods, and examine some of my belief systems. This vision also permits me to capture defining moments that are caught in a fleeting moment of time delicately pressed up against an eternity of moving life seconds. My need is to capture and preserve before extinction erases. I am a storyteller. My tools are photography, filmmaking, and the written word." - Malakhi Simmons